Investigating the Future of Women in Leadership

Around 50 years ago, Alice Sheldon was a successful science fiction writer publishing under the male pseudonym James Tiptree Jr.. When she was discovered to be a woman, Alice lost a lot of respect from the male-dominated science fiction community (Lovell, 2016).

Interview with Julie Phillips – author of ‘James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon’

Since then, the representation of women in leadership roles has increased. However in 2020 there were more male CEO’s named Andrew than the combined number of females leading ASX200 companies (Hill, 2020).

Premium Vector | Young business woman stands out among many business men
(Freepik, 2021)

In predicting and evaluating such future cultures, my project timeline will be adapted according to feedback from my audience. I will also be engaging with users in reddit forums such as r/womenleadership to make more informed projections. The project will evaluate the benefits of a future culture with more female leadership in up to 50 years time.

20 thoughts on “Investigating the Future of Women in Leadership”

  1. Hi Josephine, I really appreciate your topic. This reminds me of today’s tutorial on BCM222. When people type “women should” into a Google search, the first thing that comes up is “women should stay at home.” It left me speechless.
    Under the new concept of leadership, female leaders show more and more strong advantages. Therefore, understanding the female leadership characteristics and advantages, finding effective ways and methods to promote the development of female leadership, for the further development of female human resources, enhancing female leadership ability, and promoting social gender equality is undoubted of great significance.
    I found some sources about your topic, hope these are helpful. CN&lr=&id=tpFkQ6mq_tUC&oi=fnd&pg=PP2&dq=women+leadership+future&ots=cKruWauOSi&sig=XKCmyiHCcfyyyieklOlZg6Pg8uE#v=onepage&q=women%20leadership%20future&f=false

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  2. Hi Josephine,

    I was instantly drawn to your pitch through its title, as a young women like yourself soon to graduate University this topic is both relevant and is extremely current for our future in the workplace especially.

    As I began to view your pitch video the engaging layout, with a complementing colour pallet and the background tune was also very user friendly in its appearance and layout. I captured your passion for the topic immediately, as you established a grounded understanding with solid reasoning and sources.

    As you began to unpack your plan for the Digital Artefact of 3 minute Youtube Videos and 300 word contextual blogs I believe this will give a very well rounded DA. This format will allow an immense amount of accessibility and opportunity for you to be able to give as much insight into primary and secondary sources.

    Feedback I had that you may like to take on for the future of your DA would be :

    I feel like you may be tackling too many different sections across such a broad timeline. Politics, sport, business, activism, entertainment all very important, however it may be wise to try and only look into one core sector.
    Only because you may become overwhelmed, in trying to give balance across every sector and cover the designated time frame of 1971-2071.
    My recommendation would be to look into the sector you are most interested in, ie. Business, and with the Youtube Videos and contextual blogs diving into a little bit about the past, present and the future of what Women In Business leadership.

    I found a resource that may be of use to you, it explores the future of work and how female leaders can shape this. It is fairly recent being from August 2020. Highlighting the essential qualities of a leader and what leaders and women have in common – empathy, listening and collaboration, this is said that it creates workplace well-being. This may assist when looking at the business sector. Heres the link :

    How Female Leaders Can Shape the Future of Work

    Overall, looking forwards to see where this project takes off and how you progress with your DA. No doubt it will be a success, such an important topic for the growth of society.


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  3. Hey Josephin, nice and great idea! From the start, it is clear that you will be drawing an emphasis on the future of women in leadership roles. As you had mentioned that you will go over the research from 1971 to 2071 and look at 5 different sectors, I think maybe you could narrow and focus on 2 or 3 aspects. Just briefly talk about the history of the leadership of women and spend more time on the prediction of the future of women leadership in different areas. Another way that you could consider is looking at Interpreting the female leadership in the workspace from a female perspective and male perspective.

    Similarly, you could draw upon current and future women leadership styles to get an understanding of the sort of different factors that affect women’s actual behaviour and performance at top positions, and on the real reasons that prevent women from reaching the top positions in organizations. As you said in your pitch, you will talk to the women in the Illawarra community to talk about their future career vision. I think it’s a good point to have a talk with the female in your community to get more insight into the future of women leadership. so you can have different viewpoints in our predictions for the future. This could help increase engagement and diversity.

    Perhaps you can also talk about women’s leadership and soft power especially in the business sector since “Womenomics” has been very much discussed in recent years. Let me know what you think! Overall, it is a really good topic for looking at women leadership in the future. Here is the article which is talk about women and soft power in business:


  4. Hey Josephine, First off can I just say I LOVE this Idea. I completely agree that women are under-represented in leadership roles of all kind.

    Im not familiar with commercial roles and how male dominate it is (although I know it is quite male favoured) But I do know that even in trades for women going for apprenticeships there is now an monetary incentive to hire women (especially in male dominated trades) Not sure if this is an avenue that you wish to go down however I think its incredibly interesting – especially If you wish to broaden your audience to a wider community.

    There is currently also an incentive called “female founders” I believe. This is an incentive released by the Australian government to allow female founders to have assistance when it comes to start up businesses. This is current but it may also be worth looking into how much had to change In history in order to get to this point. Just because something has been “fixed” doesn’t necessarily mean its the best solution. It might even be worth reviewing each new process that has been implemented to help women be in positions of power and see how they can be improved to further this and lower the ration of male to female dominated leadership roles.

    heres that link

    Here is a personal article ive also found that may be useful to share with your audiences about how to take steps in order to emerge in positions of leadership. This article is more encouraging than anything else and can just be useful information for someone who is working towards a promotion, pay rise, etc.

    Excited to see how this goes and how it all comes together! I think this is a fantastic idea and I can’t wait to see the outcome. Good luck, Ill be keeping an eye on this interesting


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  5. Hi Josephine. I saw the title of this pitch and just had to comment on it. I think this is going to be such an inductively powerful piece and I think that it’s so important multiple people comment on it, in a bid to get it as much traction as possible.

    I can see that there are a multitude of possible links for you to examine. but maybe this could be a possible link to examine? when we discuss women in power it’s often in regards to business fronts or governmental roles? but what about the media?

    these have to do with women behind the camera, it could be potentially interesting to link it back to women having the power to change thoughts and influence public opinion via storytelling. but are unable to bc they are not put in positions of power to do so–sexism-wasnt-present-in-what-w-show-kids

    this is such an awesome DA idea. and i wish you all the best!

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  6. Hey Josephine! I’ve just watched your pitch, and wow! I find your topic incredibly interesting! Women in leadership are something that (hopefully) is more on the rise as time goes on, I believe it is integral to create an equal workplace between male and female workers in our society. I do like the idea of releasing a YouTube video with some of your research findings and I have noticed you want to look at some organisations that promote women in leadership roles. Maybe you could look at some specific examples of key women in history and also in a role of leadership – take, for example, Jacinda Ardern! Maybe even females growing up and projecting that in the future they have a role of leadership, Greta Thunberg – a young Swedish woman that will no doubt take a role of leadership as she continues through her activist pursuits. Overall, I enjoyed your pitch, the presentation was lovely and you referred to the course material not only in your pitch but also in your blog! I can’t wait to see more as you go!

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